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Inovaxe – November Blog


This month we started launching and implementing our new software that has some cool features, we have taken notice of your comments and feedback, and THIS IS WHAT WE GOT FOR YOU! 

– Replenish Feature, it has made it very efficient for feeder set-up and replenishment. After the operator scans a part number, the cart instantly lights up the next available package and part number. 
– Barcode Parsing, it adds the capability to configure the system to recognize our customers different barcode labeling formats, so data is input correctly. 
– Sound Indicator, it has a buzzer-noise for errors such as an unauthorized pick, and a bell-sound that indicates success, such as adding a reel in a correct spot. 
– Language Options, Besides English, it now supports Japanese and Spanish. 
– Custom Sorting, it allows the customer to have control over what reels are selected, sort through things such as date codes, lot codes, UIDs, etc.… 
– Custom Grid Ordering, it allows your grids to be customized. 
– Tabbed Menu Screen, this feature is great for a quick change between views such as replenishment, cart overview, and others. 
– Updated System Control, this makes it easier to modify settings, re-start software and services within the application. 

We are very excited about these new features and we have more to come! Our carts and racks are now all over the world, so please keep telling us what you would like to see them do for you, we are here to listen, and we will provide you with an easier and smarter way to store your materials. 


Prepping for the IPC APEX in January, other than that. 

Holidays are here! GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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