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Solutions for SMT Material Handling and Accuracy Issues



InoAuto Smart Cart Units

Our InAuto units feature storage for 1,120 seven inch reels with light-up identifiers to find your parts required in seconds.


Our InoAuto Smart cart stores 1,120 of your seven inch SMT reels and lights up to identify the parts required.  You can either have the cart light up all of the parts required for your kit, or it can light up one at a time to walk you through your pick list.  It even blinks and stops you from proceeding with your pull, if you accidently pull the wrong part.  The InoAuto cart can be quickly located right next to your feeders or your SMT line to load directly from stock to WIP or the SMT line.  Your parts for the kits are identified in seconds versus hours and the InoAuto cart can pay for itself within three to six months.  The InoAuto software simply allows you to add, remove, or transfer parts.  You can also import a pick list. 


  • Stores 1,120 seven inch reels, mix of
    8 and 12 mm
  • Lights up to identify the parts required for the kit
  • No more scanning the location
  • Less than 5 ½ square feet and 56 inches tall
  • Mobile, on wheels
  • Electronic or manual lock
  • Operates on battery for hours
  • Accessible from both sides
  • Retrieve and Return parts in less than
    four seconds
  • Reduces kitting time from hours to seconds
  • ROI in less than 6 months, typically
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Easily links to any MRP software
  • WiFi & Internet ready
  • Available in 7, 10, and 13 inch reels,
    widths of 8, 12, 16 and 24 mm
  • ESD compliant


InoAuto Cart is offered as a SMART or a PASSIVE Cart.

The InoAuto Smart carts come with the InoAuto locator software, a bar code scanner, computer, light pipes, and electronics for automatically detecting part locations. 

The InoAuto Passive carts come with the InoAuto locator software, a bar code scanner, computer, and bar code labels for locating parts. 

The main difference between an InoAuto SMART and an InoAuto PASSIVE cart is that you do not need to barcode scan part locations when you place or remove a reel, and a LED lights up to identify the reel location versus finding the part locations from a pick list.   

Each of the InoAuto carts, whether SMART or Passive, can be configured as follows:

Model IA7000 Full size cart stores 1,120 Small, 7 inch, 8mm reels

Model IA700 Half size cart stores 560 Small, 7 inch, 8mm reels

Model IA1300 Full size cart stores 320 of 13 inch or 10 inch, 8mm reels

Model IA130 Half size cart stores 160 of 13 inch or 10 inch, 8 mm reels

Model IA2000 Full size MIXED cart stores 480 Small, 7 inch, 8mm and 160 Medium, 13 inch, 8mm reels

Model IA200 Half size MIXED cart stores 240 Small, 7 inch, 8mm and 80 Medium, 13 inch, 8mm reels

Model InoBin Half size cart stores 70 mechanical bins, with the ability to store loose or bagged mechanical components and other odd-form items. The sensors and LEDs at each bin location allow us to track when components are added or removed, and to signal the operator which bin contains the desired components.

InoAuto SMART cart OPTIONS include the following:

Model IEL100 – Electronic Lock option available on all models

Model IAB100 – Battery Back-up option for operating the unit up to 9 hours, available on all models

Model IAT100 – InoTube storage option available on the backside of models IA1300, IA130, IA2000, and IA200 units.

Model IATR100 – InoTray storage option available on models IA2000 and IA200.

Model InoReel – Reel storage cases to house cut tape and loose components, available in 7 inch, 8mm packages.  

Each of the InoAuto SMART cart models with Controllers include the InoAuto Locator software, light pipes, electronics, a barcode scanner and computer.

Each of the the InoAuto SMART cart models without Controllers can be daisy chained to units with controllers, for up to four units in a row. 

The reels can be configured in widths of 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, or 24 mm, however, the entire row must be configured the same.  Also, if the reels are small 7 inch, then two rows must be configured with the same widths.