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Inovaxe - Blog de Octubre


Growth within our company has been very evident the past few months. Our CEO Ben, has been traveling, showing and implementing Inovaxe solutions to future customers around the world. Starting in Bengaluru at the Productronica India 2018 show with DJK India and Panasonic India! Visiting customers in Morocco, Tunis and Italy, on the way to the Panasonic show in Japan with DJK. 

Ben is so passionate about our products that you can feel his positive energy over the phone in our daily meetings when he tells us about the incredible reactions that he is receiving. We are always evolving with the current market needs and your feedback has been paramount in leading the path to new product designs and moving Inovaxe forward. Your feedback is welcomed at any time! You can email anyone on our team, as well as through our website.

Check out what our customers have to say for themselves.


Our next big show coming up Oct. 16-17 SMTAI 2018 will help you get acquainted with our Smart MSD and Smart Stencil Racks. These units were awarded NPI awards at IPC APEX Expo this year for their Innovative Smart Storage Systems. These carts as well as our standard models will be showcased for your hands-on experience at Booth #715. We encourage you to contact us at to reserve some time for us to give you a more personalized demo.

Also, we have the Panasonic Factory Solutions Conference in Kyoto, on October 16-18. Ben, our CEO will be there with DJK, so please come visit the material management area for a demo and any additional information. Sayonara!

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