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AB Electronics Enhances Efficiency with Inovaxe Smart Storage Solutions

As part of their ongoing commitment to process improvement and operational efficiency, AB Electronics, a leading contract manufacturer, has recently invested in Inovaxe Corporation’s cutting-edge reel storage solutions. This move has enabled them to optimize their stockroom, enhance inventory tracking, and significantly streamline their kitting and tear-down processes, all while saving valuable factory floor space.

Akash Monpara, President of AB Electronics, recognized the importance of investing in advanced tools for process enhancement. Among their capital improvements, the decision to implement Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions has proved instrumental in achieving their objectives.

AB Electronics with Inovaxe Smart Racks

AB Electronics, located in Brookfield, CT, offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing services, including SMT assembly, semi-automated thru-hole assembly, cable and harness assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, and much more. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, they cater to various industries with services like functional and in-circuit testing, total material management, engineering and design assistance, and conformal coating.

Inovaxe’s SMT reel storage solutions have revolutionized AB Electronics’ stockroom management. By consolidating their inventory and embracing Inovaxe’s technology, they’ve gained the ability to store hundreds of reels per square foot while ensuring quick and easy access to components. Smart locations tailored to different reel sizes optimize space utilization, and sensors coupled with LEDs guide staff to the required parts efficiently. The system’s flexibility, easy integration with AB Electronics newly implemented ERP system, and remarkable retrieval and return times have significantly impacted AB Electronics’ efficiency.

“This investment in Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions has been a game-changer for us,” said Akash Monpara. “We’ve not only saved precious factory floor space but also improved our kitting and tear-down processes, leading to labor and resource savings. This efficiency is crucial for contract manufacturers like us to prepare for upcoming jobs more quickly. I appreciate Andrew Rollins and the Yankee Soldering team for facilitating this sale when they recognized a need we had for storage solutions.”

With over 25 years of experience, Yankee Soldering Technology is a trusted source, committed to excellence and technical expertise. They provide innovative solutions in partnership with suppliers, offering a comprehensive range of tools and equipment to enhance manufacturing efficiency and profitability in the electronics industry. Yankee Soldering’s dedication to adapting to industry changes and fostering strong partnerships has solidified its position as a go-to resource in New England’s electronic manufacturing landscape. They represent many lines, including Inovaxe.

Inovaxe’s technology allows reels to be retrieved in less than four seconds and returned in under eight seconds, slashing kitting times from hours to minutes. With a typical return on investment (ROI) period of just three to six months, it’s a solution that pays dividends quickly.

By embracing Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions, AB Electronics continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering top-tier manufacturing services to its customers. Their investment in process improvement tools reflects their dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining their position as a leading contract manufacturer.

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About AB Electronics:
AB Electronics, part of the Aragra Technologies portfolio, has been a leading provider of contract manufacturing services for mechanical and electrical assemblies since 1994. With a wide range of offerings, including product development, supply chain management, assembly, packaging, and distribution, AB Electronics serves various industries, providing reliable cable and wire harness assembly services.

About Aragra Technologies:
Aragra Technologies is a group of electronics contract manufacturing facilities dedicated to simplifying manufacturing and supply chain needs. With a history dating back to 1987 in printed circuit board fabrication, the group expanded into electronic assembly in 2007. Over the years, they have acquired several companies, including Innovative Electronics Corporation, Ansen Corporation, Sunburst Electronics, and AB Electronics, to expand their capabilities and meet customer demands effectively.

About Yankee Soldering:
For over 25 years, Yankee Soldering Technology has been a trusted source in the marketplace, known for our commitment to excellence and deep technical expertise. Founded by Don Lockard, our mission is to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in the fast-paced electronics industry. In partnership with our suppliers, represented by Mark Szymanski and Andrew Rollins, we offer a comprehensive range of tools and equipment, from benchtop solutions to capital machinery, aimed at making manufacturers more effective, efficient, and profitable. Our dedication to adapting to industry changes and fostering strong partnerships has made us a go-to resource in New England’s electronic manufacturing landscape. For more information, please visit

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