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Turn Any Storage Shelves or Racks into Intelligent Storage Locations with the New Inovaxe InoBar

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL — January 2017 — Inovaxe today announced plans to exhibit in Booth #2143 at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 14-16, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center in California. Inovaxe will introduce the newly designed InoBar and display the SR Series Smart Racks and InoAuto Smart Carts, storing 7 and 13 inch reels and mechanical bins. Inovaxe’s newly designed InoBar can turn nearly any storage shelves or racks into intelligent storage locations.

InoBar is capable of lighting up the locations of desired material and detecting when materials are added and removed. InoBar attaches to existing storage shelving to provide LEDs and sensors to your storage. InoBar can be used to manage solder stencils, boxes, PCB stacks, assembly bench bins, or virtually any other packages. InoBar is 21″ long and can have as many as 28 stations, with varied pitch. Purchase multiple InoBars and daisy chain them together to make a large intelligent storage network.

The SR series Smart Rack is intended for customers whose main challenge is finding parts quickly and do not need all of the features of the InoAuto Smart carts. The design is based on Inovaxe’s cost-effective InoKit platform. The Smart Rack controller unit includes the controller and Inovaxe’s InoAuto Locator software to quickly locate, add, return and transfer parts. The SR series trays are available to store 7″ and 13″ reels, and mechanical bins. They are also fully upgradeable to InoAuto Smart units with all of the kit management and connectivity features.

Acerca de Inovaxe Corp.

La Corporación Inovaxe se enfoca en ofrecer soluciones innovadoras de producción y gestión de inventarios a la industria electrónica. La oferta de productos incluye el manejo de materiales en condidiones ambientales estandar (InoAuto, InoCarts e InoKits) y equpo para almacenamiento de aquellos materiales sensibles a la humedad (InoCart MSD), un sistema de gestión de la cadena de suministro (InoVision), una herramienta de gestión de software de inventario/kits (InoView) y el software InoAuto Locator para la localización de componentes.

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