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Solutions for SMT Material Handling and Accuracy Issues





Single Package Single Location Inventory Solutions

  • Upload spreadsheet of BOM/pick list to pull/return parts
  • Package Quick Add - Inventory upload feature using barcode scanner
  • Manage your stock to WIP process within manual and automated production lines
  • Regulatory Compliance Management – RoHS
  • Transactions – Add/deplete inventory, inventory movement
  • Manufacturer component lot display for In stock components
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Microsoft Windows compatible


  • Quickly Identifies Part Locations
  • Promotes Utilization of Broken Packages First
  • Results in Substantially Enhanced Inventory Accuracy
  • Reduce Line Down Due to Surprise Shortages
  • Powerful Part Search Capability
  • Provides Lot Traceability
  • Min Max Capability
  • Minimizes wrong parts being Loaded into Machines
  • Reduction in SMT setup/reload time
  • Improved material flow and process
  • Real-time reports to manage your business
  • Minimizes Work in Process (WIP)
  • Manages multi-warehouse, multi-WIP inventory
  • Kit management capability

Available Options

  • Component Master - Master/manufacturer level part numbering system
  • BOM/AVL management
  • Kit management
  • Finished Goods Disposition – Export and edit capability
  • Min/Max management and export
  • Transaction tracking, item audit, history, transaction, and lot tracability reports