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Solutions for SMT Material Handling and Accuracy Issues




InoKit carts: is a Modular Carrier for SMT parts Six
carriers per Rack

Each InoKit-Small carrier unit stores 80 small, 7 inch reels, 8-12.. wide.

We offer an InoKit-Large carrier which is configured to hold a quantity of 22 large, 10 and 13 inch reels, with 20 mm wide spacing, and an InoKit-ExLarge carrier configured to hold a quantity of 10 large, 10 and 13 inch reels, with 50 mm wide spacing.

We also have an InoKit-Mechanical tray unit, with up to five dividers for storing PCB’s, trays, or bulk items.

One InoKit rack will hold up to six of the InoKit-Small carrier or InoKit-Mechanical units, or five, if some InoKit-Large or InoKit-Ex-Large units are housed.

The InoKit SMART is now available for 7 inch reels, 8-12 mm wide.

The InoKit Smart carriers come with the InoAuto locator software, a bar code scanner, computer, light pipes, and electronics for automatically detecting and lighting up part locations.